MHD Article – Bruce Drayton joins BPS Global (Aust.) as Automation and Robotics Director

Bruce Drayton of DCL Solutions has joined the BPS Global (Australia) team of experienced senior operators as Automation and Robotics Director.  Bruce’s experience further enhances BPS Global’s existing strength in localised expertise serving the logistics, supply chain, and automated warehouse industries.

Malcolm Druce, BPS Global (Australia) Managing Partner says “Bruce really rounds out our offering with someone who is recognised as a gun in his field. He’s very solution-focused, understands the way of the market, and fits so well into what BPS is doing.  It’s Bruce’s method as an integrator and his focus on a stepped approach that fits perfectly with BPS’s niche in supporting organisations in their move to e-commerce and along their path to growth.” Bruce adds “I’ve always worked on the journey and it’s our ability at BPS to continue with that philosophy and to help companies on that journey.”

BPS GlobIt’s an approach that’s much in demand, as companies grapple with how to handle the vast changes being introduced to DCs on the back of e-commerce. Bruce has seen these changes first-hand, having worked with major publishers and electronics distributors. E-commerce has transformed their business models, and as a result, required a transformation of their DCs.

Bruce and BPS both agree that it is all about finding the right solution for the customer. “We have an ability to source specific pieces of equipment that would be applicable to our clients. We do the analysis and come up with the right solution from productivity, sustainability, and capital investment perspective. We’re a full-service integrator prepared to go on the entire journey.”