BPS Logistics Technology Assisted DKSH Apply Automated Solution to Increase Efficiency

BPS Logistics Technology was commissioned by DKSH Taiwan to provide a turnkey automated solution for their new OP1 facility. The scope of work included the design and implementation of a fully automated warehousing and material handling system to optimize resources and increase operational efficiency, installed equipments such as PLS racking, selective racking, conveyor and workstation, high bay robots, sorter, etc.

The project commenced in August 2020 and was completed in May 2023. A major highlight of the project was the successful integration of the automation system with DKSH’s existing systems and processes which required substantial time and effort to refine and optimize. The end result was a state-of-the-art automated facility with minimal human intervention required to run operations.

The project was a challenging but rewarding endeavour which showcased BPS Global’s capabilities and expertise in designing and delivering customized automated solutions tailored to client needs.

Scope of Work

Fully automation equipment and software apply on new DKSH OP1 site

Highlight & Challenges

Automation fully apply on site to reduce the manpower required and increase the efficiency.
Integrate DKSH system which included unique featuring required WCS and automation equipment, spend lot of time on fine-tuning.