DKSH Taiwan warehouse automation go-live count down

BPS Logistics Technology has provided an automatic warehouse solution for DKSH Taiwan, a global leader in Health Care market expansion service. The scope of work is to design, supply and install a hi-tech automated warehouse system for a 17,000-square-meter warehouse. It includes a high bay carton robot, sorting system, conveying system, spiral conveyors, automatic packing workstation, racking system, etc.

The project is now in the final stage before go-live. End-to-end testing (E2E testing) and site acceptance testing (SAT) has been passed. BPS Logistics Technology will commit on-site resources to guarantee smooth project operations.

The successful launch of this automatic warehouse will further improve DKSH Taiwan’s logistics operation efficiency and accuracy. DKSH Taiwan customers will get faster, more efficient, and more accurate services.

BPS Logistics Technology will continue to focus on providing the best logistics automation solutions to meet the growing needs of customers like DKSH.