What We Do

We work with businesses looking to transform their warehousing and logistics operations across multiple industries including retail, engineering and logistics technology.


We take pride in our unique ability to solve complex problems, demonstrated by our track record of meaningful projects with leading global brands. To help companies experience the full operational and financial benefits of warehouse automation, our experts provide a range of all-round services, including:


  • Assessing the needs within Distribution Centre and Fulfilment processes
  • Bringing to market the latest automation and robotics equipment to provide world class solutions
  • Designing mechanised and automated DCs to meet current and future customer needs
  • Sourcing a full suite of equipment to compliment solutions as vendor-agnostics integrators.
  • Building the business case to support investment
  • Implementing and commissioning solutions
  • Servicing solutions for their usable life

Sourcing specific solutions for specific problems

We work with leading equipment manufacturers to solve problems for specific needs, leveraging our pedigree in the Asia Pacific market for global sourcing of the best automation equipment. Our team share a drive to innovate and are constantly searching for the latest products and technology from around the world.


Providing affordable logistics automation is important for companies to thrive in this digitally enabled world – with integrated warehouse solutions that increase capabilities, increase productivity and are easy to maintain.