Our navigated forklift AGV systems including vision-navigated pallet forklift AGV, vision-navigated counterbalanced forklift AGV,  vision-navigated reach forklift AGV, visual navigation Pallet Stacker Forklift AGV and vision navigated tractor AGV by utilizing the plug-and-operation and standardized intelligent visual localization and navigation module. Our technology enables the customers to easily retrofit their existing manual forklift/tractors into vision-navigated AGVs.

System Solutions


HKLTS is committed to providing AGV intelligent system solutions for customers. Our flexible system interface and customization technology allow the central control system of the autonomous driving vehicles to easily interface with different customer site systems. Our solutions allow customers to automate entire industrial vehicle operations so as to reduce costs and improve efficiency and automation level and help them achieve flexible transportation of goods and build digital warehouses and factories.

We provide a variety of self-driving industrial vehicle solutions such as visual navigation, laser navigation, inertial navigation, and magnetic nail navigation. Different navigation methods can be utilized or combined according to our customers’ site environments and application requirements to meet different demands created by different indoor and outdoor environmental conditions. The variety of our AGV products such as pallet counterbalanced and reach forklifts, and tractors, and lifts can meet different customers’ needs. At the same time, we provide software and hardware modification modules together with intelligent navigation positioning and control modules. Our solutions adopt the approach of process standardization, hardware modularization, high algorithm integration, and plug and operation of hardware modules to effectively improve retrofitting efficiency so that traditional manual industrial vehicles can be quickly upgraded to autonomous ones. 

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