A Legacy of Excellence: PuraPharm R&D Building Facilities Design at Nanning, Guangxi


Imagine you begin to feel sick; you probably take Chinese herbal medicine for remedy. PuraPharm, a leading Chinese herbal specialist, is dedicated to research and development, produce and sell Chinese herbal medicine in its retail stores in Asia.

As the technological front-runner in the industry, PuraPharm is willing to invest in its resources by acquiring a 5-storey building near the current main production plant in Nanning and develop it into a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) research & development facilities. Upon commencement, it would be regarded as one of the most advanced TCM research and development facilities in Asia. BPS Global is pleased to be appointed by PuraPharm as a consultant to provide layout design solution and building service recommendation.

BPS Global’s professional team understands that an optimal facilities layout ought to reduce operation cost while increase effectiveness. BPS Global applied Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) method to arrange the facilities layout so as to ensure the smoothness of material and staff movements for processing & testing product samples at the lowest cost and least amount of handling.

BPS Global studies the development and testing procedures for determining the material and staff movements within the layout. The various movements of each workplace are then converted into quantitative basis by recording distance and frequency of movement between different workplaces. The efforts are made in formulating layout solution to arrange workplaces with high frequency and logical relationships close to each other, so that material can move in an orderly manner. Apart from considering operation sequence within the facilities, building constraints as well as operation restrictions of individual workplace are taken into account to make sure that an optimal layout solution is formulated.

We were delighted that the layout design generated by BPS Global successfully gained the satisfaction of PuraPharm.

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