Airline Catering Plant Expansion & Migration Project


No matter how vertical and horizontal BPS’ clients are, our professional consulting team guides the future of their supply chain success. Recently, an airline catering company constructed a new facility adjacent to its existing building to uplift the production capacity. It is a 3-storey facility with highly automated material handling equipment to support over 40 international airlines. BPS was appointed as the consultant to lead the airlines migration programme.

Nowadays, people are concerned about business continuity issues driven by high level of customer service requirement. Smoothly migrating business activities and relocating a large variety of meal carts, drawers, trays and bins in a timely manner has topped in the management agenda to avoid flights delay. In order to fully facilitate the migration, BPS chaired the master program controller to scope, schedule and control the migration activities with over ten line departments. The migration strategy, machine and manpower readiness plans were outlined and adopted correspondingly in different stages to deliver a seamless customer experience for the airlines. With the rigorous standard of “zero failure” in the airline catering business, BPS designed a thorough contingency plan to account for exceptions and thus minimize the adverse influence on operation in both new and old plants during migration.

With deep expertise in plant migration experience, BPS turned the migration strategy into actionable recommendations. We dedicated professional team to evaluate the overall situation and thus to mitigate the migration risks on site, including various measures for preventing incidents from occurring before the project. At the latter stage, post-migration reviews at each phase were conducted to assess the transition performance, and thus cite recommendation to the senior management. A sustainable improvement was provided to our client’s business, and we are so proud of winning their trust.

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  • Hong Kong