Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal New Compound & Airline Offices


Cathay Pacific Services Ltd. (CX) has secured the franchise of a third air cargo terminal at Hong Kong International Airport. As a result, CX had formed a wholly owned subsidiary (CPSL) to build and operate the facility in the New Compound & Airline Offices.

Project Summary

This is a design & Build to construct a 2-storey building. The new compound office shall be located at the Exit Ramp which comprised Airline Offices & Staff facilities in the New Office Building of the Cathy Pacific Air Cargo Terminal, and the size was 3,000 sqm.

Project Timeline

2014 – 2016

Customer Benefits

After built up New Compound & Airline Offices, the client can be flexible to use more spacing area in their operation and added valued in the property.

Project Details



  • Hong Kong