Conversion and Refurbishment Project of Chinese Medicine Clinic in Guangxi, China


BPS Global Group has been awarded a contract by a leading Hong Kong-based Chinese medicine company, PuraPharm Corporation Limited (SEHK: 1498), to conduct conversion and refurbishment project of their newly invested Chinese medicine clinic in Guangxi, China.

Founded in 1998, Purapharm has been a pioneer in the modernization of Chinese medicine with strong research and development capabilities. With a clear vision of leading modernizing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) through systematization and innovative approach, PuraPharm responses to the rising demand for TCM and alternative treatments by investing a large scale Chinese medicine clinic in Nanning, Guangxi, China.

Aiming to create a modernized Chinese medicine clinic with maximum spacing, while at the same time enhancing patient experience and achieving high levels of functionality were the top priorities.  The clinic building originally was a commercial building with fixed layout that was planned for commercial office purpose.  BPS Global was asked to provide conversion and refurbishment services to transform it into a 2-storey modernized clinic.  The new layout included a fresh and modern reception area, state-of-the-art exam rooms, new clinical areas for specialty services, and a new entrance for urgent care to separate from routine visits to allow for different patient experiences. The project also consisted of electrical work, air-conditioning work and signage work.

The key focus of BPS Global is to focus on the communication effectiveness and patient experience while designing the clinic for our client. At the beginning of the design phase, the client expressed strong needs of enhancing patient experience. Our project team listened, translated and integrated those needs into the design and layout plan.

A spacious patient education resource and training room has been built to offer a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere with an aim of easy access to information, educational materials and refreshments.  To further enhance patient experience, private patient visitation rooms and separate waiting areas for VIP patients has been added.  Those rooms and areas have been designed with warm, relaxing ambience to ensure patient’s comfort and privacy. Workstations are also provided for patients and visitors to complete any required paperwork.  In addition, a central monitoring station has been set up for centralized monitoring of patient to provide better care, increase efficiency and at the same time serves the purpose of streamlining the nursing workflow.

We understand the complexity of the healthcare environment. We work closely with our clients with responsive and adaptable approaches to ensure the whole conversion and refurbishment work goes smoothly.  Years of successful experience ensures deliveries of high standard and professional results. Positive approach and attitude guarantees our clients great satisfaction.

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