Launch of Innovative Automation System for World’s Leading Luxury Travel Retailer


As a reputed automation system integrator dedicated to delivering the latest technological advances, BPS Global was invited with great honour to participate in an innovative warehouse automation project for world’s leading luxury travel retailer in 2019.

Offering its customers a wide selection of products through more than 400 boutiques worldwide, our client is a Hong Kong-based travel retailer of luxury products. To cope with their rapid expansion, increasing throughput, rising of labour costs and increasing accuracy requirement, BPS Global is assigned to develop a new automation system to address the above challenges.

With the short lead time and small allowable space in the warehouse, the automation system was challenged to be built within these parameters. After thorough study of the existing operational flow, BPS team developed the automated system on time based on clients’ specific needs, using advanced technology to smoothen the warehouse operation. As a result, the operational productivity has been improved and the operating costs have been reduced. This eventually helps our client stay competitive and better equipped to cope with their market expansion.

Project Details



  • Hong Kong