Successful Launch of Automated Sorting System in Logistics Warehouse of a renowned Freight Forwarding Company


With increasing labor costs and effective supply chain pressing for faster, more accurate and responsive operations, automated sortation systems are finding their roles in more and more supply chains modus operandi, delivering required productivity, increasing throughput capacity, enhancing accuracy and accountability for businesses, ultimately nourishing a cost-effective and efficient flow of goods to consumers.

As a reputed automation solution provider with manufacturer-independent background, in 2018, BPS Global was invited with great honor to participate the project of building the Automated Sorting System in the logistics warehouse of a renowned multi-national freight forwarding company. The objective of the project is to increase goods handling efficiency, yet less engagement of labor, improved work environment and higher productivity.

The labels on the parcels will be scanned by the scanning system. After the scanning, parcels will be delivered and distributed to the designated delivery points by the sorters basing on the embedded business rules. The sorters are designed to handle throughputs exceeding 2,000 items per hour and can accurately sort a wide-range of products from large parcels down to small loose items, to six delivery points.

With the short lead time and small allowable space in the warehouse, the Automated Sorting System was challenged to be built within these parameters. After thorough study of the existing operational flow, BPS team developed the automated system on time based on clients’ specific needs, using advanced technology to smoothen the warehouse operation. As a result, the logistics efficiency has been improved and the operating costs have been reduced. This eventually helps our client stay competitive and better equipped to cope with their market expansion.

Project Details



  • Tsing Yi, Hong Kong