WMS Functional Specification Design & Warehouse Operation Optimization Project for Quantium


Quantium Solutions International has established a network of offices in over 10 countries and provides a range of value-added services such as letter shopping, data management and printing, mailroom management, freight logistics, warehousing, fulfillment, international distribution and hand delivery. The client commissioned BPS as the consultant to review and optimize the logistics operation inside its Australian and Singaporean Warehouses.

Project Challenges

  • Warehousing and Order Fulfillment Problem
    – Loss of items (High value goods)
    – Fraud
    – High operating cost, low productivity (due to double work)
  • Distribution Network Problem
    – Missed/delayed deliveries
    – Disorganized fleet management
    – No standard in accountability/reconciliation
    – Fraud
    – High operating cost, low productivity
  • Others
    – Complicated document control
    – Weak links in operation processes & documentation flow
    – Difficult to expand business with current operation model

Project Summary

Australia Warehouse (40,000 SQ.FT)
Singapore Warehouse(30,000 SQ.FT)

Scope of Consultancy Work

  • Workflow optimization and performance evaluation
  • Order management review
  • Warehouse operation review (receiving, inspection, inbound, stock pick, outbound, inventory management, value added services etc.
  • Supply chain planning
  • WMS Functional Specification Design (Australia Warehouse only)
  • Warehouse re-layout
  • Human resources evaluation and planning

Project Timeline

  • WMS Functional Specification Design Project, Australia (2011/10 – 2011/11)
  • Warehouse Operation Optimization, Singapore (2011/11 – 2011/12)

Investment Term

  • WMS Functional Specification Design Project, Australia
    – WMS upgrade: Replaced lots of manual work, increased handling accuracy and efficiency
  • Warehouse Operation Optimization, Singapore
    – Redesigned operation to close security gap: resolution to cargo pilferage and fraud
    – Operation optimization: Eliminated non value-added, double handling operation
    – Re-defined accountability mechanism, hand-shaking processes and order management process: to resolve delayed deliveries problem and achieve 100% order fulfillment rate
    – Increased storage capacity by 21% (Pallet) and 26% (Carton)

Project Details



  • Hong Kong